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Life Groups are how we do life together at Champion Forest Baptist Church, becoming more like Jesus through meaningful, Christ-centered relationships. On Sunday and throughout the week, we gather in Life Groups—small groups where we make friends, share in discussion about the Bible, and lift up one another’s needs in prayer. Life Group members also serve together throughout the city and beyond, putting faith and compassion into action. These groups are open to anyone who desires a deeper understanding of biblical truths and seeks to experience the Christian life alongside others who care.

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NameDescriptionScheduleAverage AgeCampusGroup Language (Life Groups not currently available in: French, Filipino, Portuguese and Urdu).Room NumberRegister
AbideA small group of young families committed to bringing genuine community through Biblical discussion and Christ-centered connections. Taught by Jeremy Hamblen.Sunday at 9:30 AM38ChampionsEnglishLE-212/213
ADNOur desire is to have a healthy marriage and together we are learning, according to the word of God, how to enjoy the abundant life as a coupleSunday at 10:45 AM50Jersey VillageSpanishChapel Reception Room (Building E)
Adorando Con las EscriturasAprendamos juntos como adorar al Señor con bases Bíblicas y teológicas. Meets on Facebook Live: Adoracion en Jersey VillageSunday at 10:45 AM42Jersey VillageSpanishRoom H123 (Worship Center)
Adultos Mayores Sunday at 11:00 AM60ChampionsSpanishAE 111
After I DoAfter I Do is for young couples who are engaged; married with no children; married with infants, toddlers, or preschoolers; and, desire to create a Christ-centered marriage that can last a lifetime. Couples will explore what the Bible teaches about covenant marriage; learn how to integrate biblical principles and relevant skills into everyday life; build community and do life with other believers in the same season; discover their spiritual gifting so that they may serve the body of Christ at CF-JV; and be discipled by mature believers to grow daily in their walk with the Lord. This class is taught by Alan and Kelli Durham.Sunday at 9:30 AM33Jersey VillageEnglishRoom A-2 (Building A)
Amor+TalkDiscipulado de Jovenes casados (con menos de 35 años de edad)Sunday at 11:00 AM35ChampionsSpanishLE 201
AnchorThe Anchor Class is a class of couples, widows, and widowers. The class uses the materials from Lifeway. Class members are divided into Care Groups so specific needs can be met, This class is very social throughout the year.Sunday at 9:30 AM77Jersey VillageEnglishConnection Room, H124 (Worship Center)
AriseYoung families, Lifting each other up in prayer and encouragement, reflecting the hope of Christ through biblical fellowship. Taught by Grey Holland and Owen Holladay.Sunday at 9:30 AM37ChampionsEnglishKB-5A
BelovedWe all need friends. The Beloved Class is a women’s group of all ages. Come join us as we study God’s Word and fellowship together. Taught by Stephany Jackson.Sunday at 9:30 AM58ChampionsEnglishAE-325
Biblia y Ciencia¿Dónde estabas cuando yo fundaba la tierra? Házmelo saber, si tienes inteligencia. ¿Quién ordenó sus medidas, si lo sabes? ¿O quién extendió sobre ella cordel? ¿Sobre qué están fundadas sus bases? ¿O quién puso su piedra angular, Cuando las estrellas todas del alba alababan, y se regocijaban todos los hijos de Dios? (JOB 38:4-7). Pues está escrito: Destruiré la sabiduría de los sabios, y desecharé el entendimiento de los entendidos. ¿Dónde está el sabio? ¿Dónde está el escriba? ¿Dónde está el disputador de este siglo? ¿No ha enloquecido Dios la sabiduría del mundo? (1 Corintios 1:19-21 ).Sunday at 10:45 AM41Jersey VillageSpanishRoom E4, Building E (Chapel)
Biblical Literacy Class | JVBiblical Literacy uses the hour as a time of Bible study that helps change our lives. We want to know God more clearly as we seek to love and serve Him in all aspects of life. We study Scripture carefully because of a conviction that it is God’s word to us, His revelation and communication that He uses to transform us and the world. Taught by Mark Lanier, live streamed to our Life Group room. Mark is a practicing attorney with a degree in Biblical languages. He is the founder of the Lanier Theological Library, located here in Houston and open to the public.Sunday at 9:30 AM63Jersey VillageEnglishRoom A14 (Building A)
Biblical-LiteracyWe are honored that you would spend this Sunday morning time with us. Our goal is to use the next hour as a time of Bible study that helps change our lives. We want to know God more clearly as we seek to love and serve Him in all aspects of life. We study Scripture carefully because of a conviction that it is God’s word to us, His revelation and communication that He uses to transform us and the world. Taught by Mark Lanier.Sunday at 9:30 AM64ChampionsEnglishFLC WC
Bilingual College Sunday at 12:15 PM20ChampionsSpanishLE 201/216
Brown & SheerenWe are a small group of men committed to studying God's Word so that we might walk in a path that is pleasing to Him. Each study is informal and open to questions and group discussions. Taught by David Brown & Tim Sheeren.Sunday at 9:30 AM69ChampionsEnglishKB-209
Cambiando Vidas 1 Sunday at 9:30 AM51ChampionsSpanishAE 324
Cambiando Vidas 2 Sunday at 11:00 AM52ChampionsSpanishAuditorio FLC
Caminando en Esperanza Wednesday at 6:45 PM52ChampionsSpanishAE 116
Champions@home  0North KleinSpanish 
CollegeThis is a place to find community, study God’s Word, and grow in your relationship with the Lord. We are for college students and those that are college age. Invite a friend and join us this Sunday!Sunday at 9:30 AM20ChampionsEnglishAE-310
Common GroundRegardless of what age or stage of life you are in, single or married, with children or without, faith in Jesus Christ provides a common ground for us all. Each Sunday we worship and systematically study God’s word together to experience life change. Taught by Scott Riling and Leasha Barr.Sunday at 9:30 AM52ChampionsEnglish 
CommunityA class for both singles and couples in their late 30's thru 40s with or without school aged children. Our goal is to build CommUNITY through lots of discussion over the study of God's Word and time spent together in and out of church. Taught by a leader team of both men and women passionate about teaching God's Word in engaging and life changing ways .Sunday at 11:00 AM43North KleinEnglish205/6
COMPROMETIDOS CON CRISTO Sunday at 11:00 AM48ChampionsSpanishAE 306
Corazon de Adorador Sunday at 11:00 AM50ChampionsSpanishLE 202
Creciendo en la Palabra a partir de nuestras raicesDiscipulado para adutos en generalSunday at 11:00 AM50ChampionsSpanishAE 307
Cultivando Corazones  47ChampionsSpanishAE-308
Deaf ASL Life GroupDeaf Champion wants to use our church in the best way possible for the deaf and their families to Worship, Fellowship, and Grow in God's grace (understanding His unconditional love). Taught by John Wunsch.Sunday at 9:30 AM49ChampionsASLMP 146
Del Logos al REMA Sunday at 9:30 AM50ChampionsSpanishKB 207
Design for DiscipleshipFor new believers taught by Harvey Wheaton.Sunday at 9:30 AM62ChampionsEnglishAE 119
DiscoverAdults from all stages of life, are welcome to join us on this journey to DISCOVER your place--not only a place you "belong", but where God wants you and what He is calling you to do. You will find your place in community, in ministry, in life, and be reminded that GOD's place is with you, and if you seek Him, He will guide you every step of the way.Sunday at 9:30 AM50North KleinEnglish208
EncouragersWe are a fun, lively group of active adults that are an encouragement to each other. Every Sunday, we worship Jesus Christ, pray for each other's needs, and study the Bible. Your presence will encourage us! Taught by Greg Stringer, Danny Gray and Carol Brown.Sunday at 9:30 AM77ChampionsEnglishAE-107/117
Entre Amigas Tuesday at 7:00 PM48North KleinEnglish 
Estudios Para la Vida"Estudios para la Vida, te mostrará principios prácticos y aplicables que te ayudarán en tu vida diaria. Así también disfrutarás de un buen tiempo de compañerismo y estudio profundo de la palabra de Dios."Sunday at 10:45 AM49Jersey VillageSpanishH110 (Worship Center)
Faith AliveWe are a fun-loving group who have several teachers, so we get the privilege of hearing different perspectives as well different teaching styles. The teaching focus is always on applying the Bible to where we live every day. Taught by Wayne Jones, Wade Liberator, Randy Robinson, Christy Brinson and Bill Goulette.Sunday at 9:30 AM65ChampionsEnglishKB-100
Faithful ServantsFaithful Servants is a group of women following the will of God to be “good and faithful servants” Matthew 25:21. We are ladies of all ages who are looking to strengthen our relationship with Christ, to be encouraged, and to be servants for Jesus. Taught by Anita Birdwell, Jade Lopez, Victoria Cagle and Rhonda Barnett.Sunday at 9:30 AM51ChampionsEnglishKB-204
FaithKeepersFaithKeepers is a life group designed and taught to help believers leave a legacy of faith as one models their love for God. You will love the teaching and the community as you connect with our like-hearted North Klein community. Taught by Ricky King and Doug YoungSunday at 9:30 AM70North KleinEnglish103
Family GigJoin our interactive and engaging group of parents as we explore God's Word to enrich our lives and build Christ-centered families. This caring and sharing group strives to develop friendships that go well beyond Sunday mornings. Come be a part of the fun and grow with us! Topic: What the Bible says about parenting and following Jesus in today's world Target Audience: Parents of children and studentsSunday at 9:30 AM43Jersey VillageEnglishBuilding E Reception (Chapel)
Family MattersOur class combines lecture and interactive discussion. The teacher has different applications to encourage, challenge, and grow each person's overall walk. Taught by Paul Crozier and John Richardson.Sunday at 9:30 AM64ChampionsEnglishAE-313
Family TiesJoin us as we explore God's Word to enrich our lives and build Christ-centered marriages. This caring and sharing group strives to develop friendships that go well beyond the classroom. Come be a part of the fun and grow with us!Sunday at 9:30 AM47ChampionsEnglishLE-217/219
Fresh StartYoung couples who could use a fresh start every week when it comes to loving each other, loving their kids, making new friends and knowing God's Word on a deeper level.Sunday at 11:00 AM41North KleinEnglish205
Fundamento Firme Sunday at 11:00 AM52ChampionsSpanishAE 317
Fundamentos de mi fela clase de Fundamentos de mi Fe es una clase en donde tocamos temas fundamentales vistos desde la palabra de Dios, por ejemplo la seguridad de la salvación, la fe, el bautismo y temas de relevancia espiritual. The Fundamentals of my Faith is a class where we touch on fundamental issues seen from the word of God, for example, the security of salvation, faith, baptism, and issues of spiritual relevance.Sunday at 10:45 AM46Jersey VillageSpanishH109 (Worship Center)
Going DeeperA Bible Study fellowship providing the serious scholar, skeptic and interested lay public with tools for Biblical literacy in an understandable context. Classes consist of a lesson series from the Champions campus and an in person facilitated discussion.Sunday at 9:30 AM50North KleinEnglish207
Grace ConnectionThe women of Grace Connection come from a variety of backgrounds and ages, who love the Lord, studying the Bible and doing life with one another.Sunday at 9:30 AM62Jersey VillageEnglishRoom A1 (Building A)
Hombres decididos (NK) Wednesday at 6:30 PM45North KleinSpanish214
Hombres Decididos por Dios Sunday at 11:00 AM52ChampionsSpanishAE 310
Home BuildersJoin us as we pursue the Lord Jesus Christ, share one another's burdens through prayer, and apply lessons from Scripture. We are a blend of couples with children ranging from grade school to college and beyond. Taught by Brad Broussard, Franklin Emeka, and Kathy Wortham.Sunday at 9:30 AM59ChampionsEnglishAE-314
Home Builders @NKYoung marrieds in their 20s and early 30s who want to grow in Christ, do life, and have fun together. Discussion-based biblical teaching focuses on building strong marriages for strong homes (Prov. 24:3-4). Kids (if any yet) are infants and toddlers. Taught by Shauna and James Wallace.Sunday at 11:00 AM32North KleinEnglish207
I.D.I.D. is a group for young adults who will talk about the new identity that every believer now has in Christ. It will be a group of fellowship and growth in God's word. Contact Luis Sanchez: (469-781-5436) or Luis Chacib at (281-818-5005) or I.D. es un grupo para jovenes adultos que hablaran acerca de la nueva identidad que todo creyente ahora tiene en Cristo. Será un grupo de compañerismo y crecimiento en la palabra de Dios.Sunday at 10:45 AM24Jersey VillageSpanishRoom C101 (Building C)
IdentityIdentity is a new Life Group class open to adults of all ages & stages of life. While the world gives us labels to establish our identity based on things such as our job, relationships, political affiliation, racial makeup and other factors, we know that our true identity is found in Jesus Christ alone.Sunday at 9:30 AM46Jersey VillageEnglishRoom E-5 Chapel (Building E)
InStepThis is a class for young couples ready to learn what it means to be "in-step" with Jesus and His Word as we strive to grow closer to each other in this season of life.Sunday at 9:30 AM33North KleinEnglish205
Iron SharpenersOur group seeks to be faithful to walk with God according to his word. He is our ultimate leader and we will follow. Taught by Dan Brown and John Cole.Sunday at 11:00 AM50North KleinEnglish204
JourneyJourney is a new Life Group: Life is a journey from conception to death. Along this life journey, we may face many challenges, obstacles, divergent roads, choices, and decisions to be made. It can be overwhelming, But it doesn't have to be. Journeys can also be full of fun, excitement, and new things to learn, explore, and experience. With Jesus as (the Way), the Holy Spirit as (our Guide), and the Word of God as (our Roadmap), we can navigate all that we would encounter during our journey. There's nothing like traveling with our Lord!Sunday at 9:30 AM58Jersey VillageEnglishRoom E2 (Chapel (Building E)
Jovenes Profesionales Sunday at 11:00 AM25ChampionsSpanishAE 323
Joy Bible StudyWe are a class of both single and married women who look forward to a "fresh" word from the Lord through Bible study each week. Taught by LaCelia Henderson.Sunday at 9:30 AM86ChampionsEnglishAE-101
Joyful JourneyJoyful Journey invites all individuals/couples age 40+to join us every week as we choose to "Love God and Love People!" We learn together through the study and application of God's Word, sharing our multi-generational life experiences, to strengthen our faith bringing joy to the people God places in our life's journey.Sunday at 9:30 AM66North KleinEnglishStudent Building
Juntos por Siempre Sunday at 11:00 AM44ChampionsSpanishAE 305
Knowledge SeekersWe are a class of people who serve the Lord. We study God's Word in-depth and apply it in our daily walk with the Lord. Our focus is on building community with one another and being a strong shoulder during difficult times. Taught by Cliff & Darla Beck.Sunday at 9:30 AM53ChampionsEnglishKB-205
Liderazgo  0North KleinSpanish 
Life BuildersWe are a class that seeks to study God's Word verse by verse to enrich our lives and to be a better Christian influence when we go into the world during our daily activities. We encourage open discussion as we move through the Bible together. Taught by Keith Pampell and Mark Holmes.Sunday at 9:30 AM60ChampionsEnglishAE-109
Living in GraceThe Living In Grace Life Group is made up of prayer warriors who have been blessed with God’s love, mercy, grace and miracles for 55 to 99 years. We are couples, widows and widowers who praise God for being with us through the good and the bad timesSunday at 9:30 AM79Jersey VillageEnglishH110 (Worship Center)
Matrimonios: "Conecta2"En este grupo brindamos herramientas a los matrimonios para que puedan vivir de la manera en que Dios los diseño. Amar a Dios, amar al cónyuge, amar a los hijos y amar al prójimo.Saturday at 6:30 PM48North KleinSpanish205/206
Modern FamilyModern Family provides a small-group experience for couples to study and learn how to build healthy marriages and raise Godly children in a modern world. Taught by Michael Wrobel.Sunday at 9:30 AM39ChampionsEnglishLE 202/214
Mountain ClimbersWe delight in faithful study of the Word, warm fellowship and trusting prayer. If you are looking to enjoy Bible study and be part of a great fellowship, then climb the mountain to peace and excitement. Taught by Nick Wilks.Sunday at 9:30 AM83ChampionsEnglishAE-115/118
Mujer, Valiente y EsforzadaOnly womenSunday at 11:00 AM50ChampionsSpanishAE 302
Mujeres con PropositoOnly WomenSunday at 9:30 AM53ChampionsSpanishKB 208
Mujeres de FeEn este grupo buscamos crear un ambiente de compañerismo entre nosotras las mujeres, mientras crecemos en el conocimiento de Dios y su palabra.Saturday at 6:30 PM49North KleinSpanish214
O.N.E.The O.N.E. class is an adult Bible study fellowship where we study the truth of scripture on verse by verse basis. We start in Genesis and will finish in Revelation. We also share a class prayer day once per quarter and our mission emphasis is for Mission YahwehSunday at 9:30 AM63Jersey VillageEnglishH109 (Worship Center)
OVERFLOWBased on Romans 5:13, "Overflow" is a class for married couples who have preschool to elementary aged children. Our aim is to grow closer to Christ and build lasting relationships both in and out of the church.Sunday at 11:00 AM38North KleinEnglish214
PathfindersWe are a group of nearly or newly empty nesters who love to study God's Word, have fun, fellowship and support each other through the power of prayer. Taught by Jeff Young.Sunday at 9:30 AM60ChampionsEnglishAE 309
Pilgrims' JourneyClass lessons are presented in a lecture/question and answer format where open discussion and present-day application are encouraged. Taught by Interim Teacher.Sunday at 9:30 AM82ChampionsEnglishAE-108/110
Punto de Partida Sunday at 11:00 AM41ChampionsSpanishAE 118
Punto de Partida | NKEn este Grupo de Vida conoceras principios Biblicos que te ayudaran a crecer espiritualmente.Saturday at 6:30 PM46North KleinSpanish103
QuestThe Quest Life Group welcomes all ages and stages! We are devoted to what the bible says and very excited to teach that! Taught by Lynette Adam and Bob Adam.Sunday at 9:30 AM60ChampionsEnglishAE-305/315
Rejoice ClassThe Rejoice class is a senior (55+) married couples class.Sunday at 9:30 AM68Jersey VillageEnglishRoom E3 (Chapel Bldg E)
RejoicersOur class is exclusively for women - all ages, married and unmarried - caring, loving, and praying women. We focus on developing rich, close relationship with Jesus Christ and in doing so, developing relationships with one another. Taught by Carol Sims.Sunday at 9:30 AM80ChampionsEnglishAE-120
RootedWe are a life group for adults to come together to study God's word and experience gospel centered community. Our mission is to grow in Scripture and become more rooted in Christ. In class we have biblical teaching followed by group discussion time and prayer.Sunday at 9:30 AM35ChampionsEnglishAE. 308
SALTThe SALT, Single Adults Living Transformed, is a life group for those that desire a welcoming, safe, biblical, sacred and transformative space. We strive to live our lives in service for God and others. This class is designed for single, coed adults. Taught by Rafael TovarSunday at 9:30 AM54ChampionsEnglishAE-323
SALT NKCome be a part of a life group that loves Serving And Learning Together. Taught by David Miller and Larry Koenig.Sunday at 8:15 AM58North KleinEnglish205/6
SHE LifeThis group for ladies only, who simply love Serving Him in Everything. The ups and the downs of SHE Life are celebrated and prayed for as we get heart to heart.Sunday at 11:00 AM54North KleinEnglish103
Side by SideThis is a place for couples (25 -35) to study God’s Word and to do life together. Our prayer is that you fall more in love with God and fall more in love with your spouse and have fun in the process.Sunday at 9:30 AM31ChampionsEnglishLE-215
Siguiendo a JesúsEsta clase es para personas que experimentan soledad en la vida, personas que han sufrido un abandono y que necesitan encontrar la ayuda que viene de Dios y de la familia de la iglesia. This Co-Ed Life Group class is for those who experience loneliness in life. People who have suffered abandonment and who need to find the help that comes from God and their church family.Sunday at 10:45 AM48Jersey VillageSpanishRoom E3 Chapel (Bldg. E)
Sobre la Roca Sunday at 11:00 AM49ChampionsSpanishAE 313
Spiritual JourneysStart the Journey to a richer Spiritual Life, a deeper understanding of God and a more intimate relationship with your Creator. Taught by JJ Goldman.Sunday at 9:30 AM52ChampionsEnglishAE-303
Sumergidos en su Palabra Sunday at 11:00 AM55ChampionsSpanishAE 314
The Bible BelieversWe are a large group of friendly coeds that enjoy lecture/discussion Bible study. Come join us and let us become your extended Christian family and support group. Taught by George Pickens.Sunday at 9:30 AM81ChampionsEnglishAE-114
The BridgeOur class dives into God’s Word to develop and strengthen our relationship with Jesus by transforming our minds into the likeness of our Lord. We study with the purpose of applying His truth to ourselves and our community, so if you’re looking to follow Romans 12:2 and make friends along the way join us! Taught by Joshua Banuelos.Sunday at 9:30 AM48ChampionsEnglishAE-317
The Doulos ClassOur desire in the Doulos class is to build a group of single men and women that continually humble themselves before the Lord as they grow in community both with Christ and each other. Taught by Robert Saltsman and Tim Hamilton.Sunday at 9:30 AM61ChampionsEnglishAE-312
The Faith EncouragersWe are a diverse and dynamic Life Group that attracts people to Christ, and through Bible-based teaching, we seek to help members grow in their faith to be better prepared to serve God, our community and the world. Taught by Ken Barrett, Diane Davenport and Joyce Aylor.Sunday at 9:30 AM76ChampionsEnglishFL-102
The FellowshipJoin our class and develop relationships with fellow believers as we share the excitement of a Christ-centered life, in-depth Bible study, and practical life applications. Taught by Mike Rollins, Craig Lewis and Russ Means.Sunday at 9:30 AM73ChampionsEnglishAE-111
The GatheringWe come together to study the Bible and to learn how to apply its truths to our lives. Our purpose is to share the good news, to comfort those who are hurting, and to show kindness to all. Taught by Chester Hicks.Sunday at 9:30 AM73ChampionsEnglishAE-106
The JourneyOur class, diverse and exciting, is composed of believers who combine serious Bible study with humor, fellowship, and prayer. Come visit this Sunday! Taught by Charles Dunn.Sunday at 9:30 AM66ChampionsEnglishAE-302
The LighthouseOur class focus is on the expository study of God’s word, building friendships in Christ, commitment to prayer and strengthening marriages and families. During the Fall of 2023 we are doing a topical study “Experiencing God, Knowing and Doing the Will of God”. We have room for you! Taught by Ron Pingilley & Dave Byrne.Sunday at 9:30 AM57ChampionsEnglishAE-307
The Parent TrapBuilding strong marriages, families, and lasting friendships that model Christ to the world around us. We help each other to avoid the traps and challenges of parenting and family demands as we focus together on the journey of walking with Jesus daily. Taught by Rebecca Patterson.Sunday at 9:30 AM44ChampionsEnglishLE-201/216
The RefugeThis class is dedicated to the diligent study of God's Word to encounter Jesus Christ in a fresh new way. We are here to uphold you in prayer, enjoy fellowship, and share joys and burdens with one another. Taught by Grady Butler.Sunday at 8:00 AM73ChampionsEnglishAE-111
The Seekers @NKHaving trouble "moving from where you are, to where God intends for you to be in your spiritual life?" The Bible has a plan to assist you and that's our focus. Dr. Henry Blackaby says, "You can't stay where you are and move with God!" Taught by Bill Upchurch.Sunday at 8:15 AM66North KleinEnglish204
The ShinersThe teaching will be a combination of lecture and discussion with time for prayer needs. Taught by Don Anthis.Sunday at 9:30 AM71ChampionsEnglishKB-201
The SojournersWe are a friendly group who open God's Word and discuss the Scriptures together discovering truths. We share our concerns and joys and discuss practical ways to apply God's Word to our lives. Taught by Ken Anderson.Sunday at 9:30 AM72ChampionsEnglishAE-112
The Vine"The Vine" is a place for young adults in their 20's to connect with God and others. We are passionate about God's word, community, and having fun as we do life together.Sunday at 9:30 AM25ChampionsEnglishAE-306
Thee EncouragersThe The Encouragers class is a Bible based class that gets it's lessons from the supplied literature. We have two teachers that rotate. They have a fun class. Our door is always open and we welcome visitorsSunday at 9:30 AM71Jersey VillageEnglishRoom D101 (Building D)
THRIVEA class specifically designed for young people (18-30y/o) desiring real community with people their age, a deeper understanding of God's Word, and true discipleship as they navigate life choices.Sunday at 9:30 AM24North KleinEnglish204
Una vida de adoraciónGrupo del ministerio de Adoración de la iglesia donde se reúnen para estudiar La BibliaSaturday at 6:30 PM34North KleinSpanishBack stage
Unidos y Fortalecidos Sunday at 11:00 AM46ChampionsSpanishAE 303
Verse by VerseLearning life lessons through the study of the Bible verse by verse. Taught by Jon Rikard and David Teekle.Sunday at 11:00 AM57North KleinEnglish208
Vida Optimizada Sunday at 12:15 PM48ChampionsSpanishKB 100
Vietnamese Life GroupThe Vietnamese Life Group class is for anyone with Vietnamese as a primary language. Please join us! Taught by Qui Pu Thai.Sunday at 11:00 AM54ChampionsVietnameseAE-108/110
Viviendo en su Palabra Sunday at 11:00 AM48ChampionsSpanishAE 324
Women of JoyLearning, living and leading through the Word of God is the heartbeat of the Women of Joy. We live life on purpose - intentional in our mission and ministry. Taught by Valerie Kaufman.Sunday at 9:30 AM59ChampionsEnglishAE-322
Young ProfessionalsThe Young Professionals life group is a group of young adults going through God’s word and life together. We disciple, encourage, pray, and laugh.Sunday at 9:30 AM31Jersey VillageEnglishRoom C102 (Building C)
ZionA Life Group class for young adults ages 18-25. Doing the next stage of life together with God! Join us today; We saved you a spot! Contact Anthony Williams for additional information: 816.372.1241.Sunday at 9:30 AM20Jersey VillageEnglishRoom A-12 (Building A)